The virtual gallery undermines the system

 Elastiqe Project no.1, 2012Yuval Kedar, the curator of MAOA Gallery, believes a virtual gallery exposes qualities, regardless of the artist's fame or professional status.
In an interview with Anat Mandil, MAOA's Executive Director ,Kedar describes the innovative concept that led him in this project
by: Anat Mandil

From the curator's point of view,  what are the differences between a gallery and an internet art platform?

"When it comes to a virtual gallery, you have to think of virtual visibility, since the spectator is limited to a kind of “window”. I had to rely on photography, which is not so alienated from the way art gets mass distributed these days. Once you plan a website like this, you need to choose not only good works but also works that photograph well". 

"All of the virtual galleries out there are doing their best to intermediate between good artists and conociers. The website does not establish the social status of the artist, but offers quality to all, hoping to create a match between art lovers and good artists".

 Elastiqe Project no.1, 2012

Your words imply that the virtual gallery allows greater freedom of choice - but can't that lead to a decline in quality?

"Established galleries are connected to the art establishment, and therefor they influence the artist's place in the art world's hierarchy. A virtual gallery undermines the system and enables us to expose quality, regardless of the artist's fame and position in the establishment".

"Our web-gallery features artists that are committed workers to the realm of emotions. They don't deal with the manufacturing of ideas, slogans or social manifests; rather they are individuals, who do not perceive themselves as social leaders – but as people experiencing the sensual world. Our artists don't want to change the world - they react to it modestly and originally".
Is that so? Rakefet Viner - Omer deals with gender and feminism, Lae Golda Holterman expose young orthodox Jewish boys... 
"But the way Rakefet paints contradicts her theories of feminism, because there is no sexual identity in her painting – her artistic personality is chaotic, disordered and highly emotional. Lea Golda Holterman is motivated by crossing the lines of erotic taboos".
Are you referring to the subconscious flow? 
"I suppose you can find subconscious forms in each one of the MAOA artists. Ran Harrari for example, denies all and any subconscious world, but it's called denial, and when you take a side view of his works, it can seem quite amusing. Ran, like all visual artists, will not reveal his true motivations...that is why painting is mute, otherwise it might as well turn into prose".