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Artist Keren Shplisher

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Shpilsher’s artwork is based on the language of illustration. On the surface, she seems to draw on the world of youth and a comic book world of adventure, but Sphilsher actually uses this language to penetrate into deep personal levels to create a uniquely powerful artistic statement.
Shpilsher’s paintings are not the usual sequential comic strip in a panel, but each painting constitutes a story unto itself, dense with plot and turning points, always addressing an extremely personal issue with indirect, sophisticated hints.
The colors she uses are breathtaking, attract the eye and the heart, bursting with momentum, likely to produce the illusion that they are energetic comic-book adventures. However, Shpilsher’s color is the art strategy she uses to cover the heavy iron fist of content with a glove of colorful fuzzy wool. This strategy enables the viewer to slowly penetrate beyond the thicket of images and colors into the hard kernel of the soul which lies at the foundation of the work of art.

1998-2002  B.A studies in Vital/Shenkar College for Art and Design, Department of Illustration.
Graduated cum laude.

2011   ”Contact Combat”, Curator: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, Urban Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2011   “Self-confidence - Pushpins #9” / Curator: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, / Indie Photography Group Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2010   ”Shpilsherland 2010”, Curators: Matan Daube, Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, Fresh Paint art fair, Jaffa.

2006   “Organized Crime”, Curator: Diana Dalal, Rozenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2005   ”The Queen of the Class”, Curator: Ora Kraus, Municipal Gallery of Rehovot; Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod; Cabri Gallery for Israeli

     Art, Cabri Kibbutz.


2012  "Collaborators" / Saloona art group/ Curators: Sigal Kashkash and Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz/ Urban Gallery, Jaffa.

2012  "Trespassing” Curators: Efi Gen and Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, Kaner House, Municipal Gallery for Arts, Rishon     Lezion.


2011  "Two years later”, Curator: Yehudit Matzkel, Ramat Gan museum of art, Ramat Gan.
2011  "The elder- David Ben Gurion, his legacy and its reflection on israeli art”, Curator: Chaim Maor, Beer-Sheva University art  gallery.

2010   "Flesh and blood – About all that's despised, loathed and repulsive in the human body”, Curatorial Staff: Eran Avishay/Riva Dobrin/Ravit Harrari/Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz/Adiya Porat/Ronit Zor/Orly Roman, Under guidance of: Tami Katz Freiman / International Program for Curatorial Studies, CCA, Tel Aviv
2009   ”Concrete poetry”, Curator: Yehudit Matzkel, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel aviv.

            "Identity theater”, Curator: Irena Gordon, Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv.

2007   “South- South”, Curator: Tally Tamir, Nachum Gutmann Museum, Tel Aviv.

            ”Sweet 16”, Curator:Neta Gal-Azmon, Bat Yam Museum of Art, Bat Yam.

2006   “Diffusion”, Curator: Maayan Shelef, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2005   “The Pupet Show”, Curator: Gideon Ofrat, Time for Art, Tel Aviv.

2004   "Globalism and the question of “Israeli art”, Curator: Gideon Ofrat, Time for Art, Tel Aviv.

2004   “Uniforms Inc.”, Curator: Chaim Maor, Beer-Sheva University art gallery.

2003   ”First Portrait”, Curator: Varda Steinlauf, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.
 2003  “International Young Art 2003”, Artlink & sothebys, Curator: Prof. Mordechai Omer, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Moscow.

2011  "Hebrew labor”, An Artistic-Educational reaction to original indiginous photography /50 Artists and 50 pupils /Gymnasia Herzliya, Tel       Aviv.

2010  Founder of the “culture station” in Gymnasia Herzliya, Tel Aviv, artist's studios, cultural events and art education.

“Seeing arrangements”, a mural exhibition, Co-curator, Gymnasia Herzliya, Tel Aviv.

2009   "Continuation generation”, Artist-class in high schools in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv, a Graffiti and Fashion production.

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