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Artist Yuval Doron

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 Nature is about change. Seasons, climate, objects and light. But the most powerfull of all is the viewpoint of the observer. The confrontation between the spiritual state of the observer at the time he met the scene and the viewpoint he chose to take, may create the wonder with new beginnings every time. Viewpoints are endless and so are the changes and possibilities of appearances in nature and these encounters creating the new joy of photography to me.  Always look at it in a new unit of time from a different angel. To be a photographer is to observe again and again, to look for something new that never seen before. It is almost always at the same sites I have visited  before .what a wonder. 

 Painter, draughtsman and photographer. 
 An Autodidact and long time artist.

2001   Gan Shmuel  Galery.
2001   Beit yad lebanim Hod hasharon.
1993   Gan Shmuel Gallery.
1992   Carmiel cultural center.
1986   Beit Yad lebanim, Ramat gan.
1984   Tzavta, Hod Hasharon.
1982   Milo cultural center.

2012  group Exhibitions, Beit Gabriel.
2002  Peace Galery, Givat Haviva group exhibition.
1991  cultural center, Dimona dual. 
1988  group Exhibitions in artists center Kfar Saba.

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Yuval Doron's Art