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Artist Yuval Kedar

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My rebirth as a pagan African
Modernism is dead in Africa, as I see it. The very genuine paganism which I encountered in the wild continent left an indelible impression on me with its multiplicity of images, both static and dynamic, became etched into my storehouse of visual memory.
On the plains of Africa as well as in the Land of Israel, I shed my intellectual wrapping, separate from my shell of restraint and good judgment and am transformed into a being attentive to the slightest sensations of intuition, that very same quicksilver, improvisational power directed towards action dictated by the heart and not by the logic of reason. The contradiction between modernist, intellectual alienation and primitive shamanism driven by inner urges cannot be bridged. Modernism becomes extraneous in societies under struggle in general, and in Africa in particular. The "gift" I received from Africa is the unapologetic sensuality, courage and desire to be primitive. My white body is unable to move to the rhythm of the ecstatic drums, but my heart can, eros can, and passion (which is essentially everything…) can.
My artwork is conscious idealization which magnifies and elevates the banal in African survival in Africa as well as the Jewish survival in the Middle East. My painting is the simple solace of all survivors, for those who are struggling for material sustenance as well as those who desire a "slice" of the "paradise" of Modernist elitism and are unable to find it there.
The contemporary world of consciousness, i.e., modern culture, is full of images of distress and survival. This is the symbolism of suffering designed for the sensitive palate of cultural consumers, and, like all symbolism, usually does not touch upon the individual foundation upon which all suffering rests. I am not interested in symbols in my paintings, but in things as they are, with their uniqueness and singularity, absolutely lacking in symbolizing significance. The sublime – as a mental state in which I am and which I create in my paintings - is the messianic action of innocent empowerment, faith in the power of simple beauty. Abandoning the code of rationalism as the major reflection of my essential being and balancing it with elements of adventure and empathy, facilitates my discovery of a new continent, a poetic continent, turned in upon itself and severed from any other continent.

1982-1986  Bfa  - Bezalel academy of art & design 

1993  Nofar gallery, Tel Aviv. 
1987  Meimad gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2012   Gros gallery, Tel Aviv.
2001   The "office" gallery ,Tel Aviv.
1990   Ein Harod museum.
1989   Bat yam museum.
1988   Mizpe Rramon Gallery.
1985   The Sharet award, Tel Aviv museum.

"Exellence-Nesua" Investments
 Private collections

2012  "Riding on a tiger's back", Ada Naamani, solo exhibition, Artist's House, Tel Aviv.
2011  "Shmuel Groberman", solo exhibition, Bernard Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2010   "Fata Morgana", Gilla Greenfield, solo exhibition, Artist's House, Tel Aviv.
2010  "Abstract Now", group exhibition, Kayma Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009  "Avinoam Kosovsky", solo exhibition, Bernard Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009  Group exhibition, Sarah Erlich gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009  "The Alternative",  Ran Harrari, Sarah Erlich gallery, Tel Aviv.
2008   Group exhibition, Sarah Erlich gallery, Tel Aviv. 
2008   "The stuffed animal that roared", group exhibition,Shturman Museum, Ein-Harod.
2007   "Pornography My Love", group exhibition, Artist's House, Tel Aviv.
2006   "Social Realizm", group exhibition, Dizzengof Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2005   "Juan Karlos Bronstein", solo exhibition, Dizzengof Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2004   "Ministry of Immigrations", Dizzengof Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2004   "Bernardo Shcolnik", solo exhibition, Dizzengof Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2002-2004   Herzliya Museum.
2001-2002   Shenkar Academy, Ramat Gan.
1993-2001   Vital Arts&Design, Tel Aviv.
1990-1992   Artist's House.
1988-1993   Meimad art school, Tel Aviv.

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