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In the “hottest” location in Tel Aviv, above Rothschild Boulevard’s ancient ficus trees, an apartment house overlooks the city as far as the coastline. Exiting the elevator on one of the upper floors, a bookshelf situated in the spacious area holds poetry, art and philosophy books, flanked by a wooden statue by Jerusalem-based artist Ayana Friedman.  The apartment door opens into a pleasant space, designed with restrained elegance. A layered plywood sculpture by Israel Hadany has a strongly felt presence in the entranceway. Veteran visual arts consultant Daphna Naor has placed works by outstanding Israeli artists throughout the apartment. The selective collection is impressive and harmonious, featuring sculptures, paintings and drawings.

The MAOA Gallery is pleased to host you - art connoisseurs in Israel and abroad - here in the gallery. We would be happy to assist you in consulting, contacting and contracting with artists, as well as in exhibiting works you have already acquired.

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