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The  BEZALEL HAGGADAH was published in 1984.  Creating the Haggadah took five years, of which most of the time was spent looking for the visual language that would express the artist's view on the ethos of the creation of the Jewish nation, through the story of exodus from Egypt:  A tale preserved and re-told throughout 2000 years of exile, which is still celebrated with the reading of the Haggadah during the Passover Seider.
In 2012, twenty eight years after the Haggadah was first published, Maty Grunberg re-opened the files where he kept the study drawings, chose some of the sketches and placed them alongside the final version of the woodcuts prints. This book is aimed at following the artist's journey, documenting visually the ardent search and transformations from the early sketches, which were never published, to the final woodcuts in the printed Haggadah.

Rare Illuminated Books and Portfolios, Etching, Woodcuts and Silk Screen Prints – Limited Editions
Theatre of the Absurd, Collaboration with poet Natan Zach
Second Circle of Perception, in collaboration with playwright Arnold Wesker
The Book of Esther, Collaboration with distinguished Israeli poet Natan Zach
Erosion Spectrum, Translation, concrete poetry
The Bezalel Haggadah, portfolio of 74 woodcuts, limited Edition of 150
Jerusalem 1967-1990, in collaboration with the late honorable Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai
Don Giovani, by D.M.Thomas
The book of Ruth, in collaboration with Israeli Poet Linda Zisquit
Writing the Month of August for You, in collaboration with Israeli writer Naomi R. Azar
The Remains of the Logical Woman, in collaboration with Israeli writer Naomi R. Azar

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
The British Library, London, England
The Jewish Museum, London, England
The New York Public Library, Dorot Division, New York
The Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York
The Jewish Museum, New York
The Yale University Library, Connecticut
The Library of Congress, Washington, DC
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
The Hebrew Union College-Jewish institute of Religion, Jerusalem, Israel


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