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Artist Rakefet Viner-Omer

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The absurd, deformation, pain and bold daring are all present in Rakefet Viner Omer’s total visual world. Her dense works burst out of a tremendous urge to speak, describe and scream out the tragicomedy of human existence.
Hurriedly-written texts, some illegible, weird-visaged imperfect figures in strange proportions, works dripping with thick materiality seemingly out of control, glimmers of bold and powerful color…all come together into an harmonic-aesthetic conglomerate.
In Viner Omer’s paintings, human beings treat each other like dolls. The figures may be feminist, corpse-like, sexual objects, objects of pity, and even a new friend, with a new beauty, a beauty which “repairs the world” formed out of this existential theatre of the existential absurd.
Viner Omer’s feverish artistic world looks upon human whims with an amused, forgiving air.

2005-2007 M.F.A. Bezalel academy of Art and Design
2001-2001 History & Philosophy of Ideas, Tel Aviv University
1996-2000 Fine Arts, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Collage
1986-1990 B.A. Psychology and Cinema, Tel Aviv University

2011 "dlot uoy os", TAG Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue).
2011 "I Will Never Forgive You", winner of the Miron Sima visual arts award, The Artists' House, Jerusalem.
2010 "The Mouth of Mrs. N"., Ha'Kibbutz-Israeli Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2010 "A Happy New Year", Shay Arye Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009 "Imaginary Friends", Artists' Studios, Tel Aviv (catalogue).
2007 "Do you think art should be so direct?" Janco-Dada museum, Ein Hod (catalogue).
2003 "Women must refuse to go to work", Salon Mazal, Tel Aviv.

2010 "Intermediate Stations:4 Installations", Hatahana, Tel Aviv.
2010 "Longing", Spain-Israel Video Compilation, Shay Arye gallery, Tel Aviv.
2010 "Decadence", Sommer contemporary art gallery, Tel Aviv.
2010 "Longing", Harbor House gallery, Tel Aviv.
2010 "Small Adults", Shay Arye gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009 2008 Winners, The Ministry of Culture and Sport, Prizes in Art and Design, Museum of Art, Ein Harod.
2009 "Wild Exaggeration: the grotesque body in contemporary art", Haifa museum of Art, Haifa.
2009 "Art of Emergency", Artneuland, Berlin.
2009 "Cockeye-Male Nude in Contemporary Israeli Art", Gal-On Art Space, Tel Aviv.
2009 "Factory", MoBY, Bat-Yam Museum, Bat-Yam.
2009 "Sex/Logy", Rosenfeld gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009 "For Sale", Shay Arye gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009 "Shelo Neda (god forbid)", Shay Arye gallery, Tel Aviv.
2008 "Day@Night", Gilit Fisher gallery, Tel Aviv.
2007 "The Arches, Act-Art festival, London.
2007 "Under the Sun", Gilit Fisher gallery, Tel Aviv.
2007 "Desert Generation", Hakibbutz gallery, Tel Aviv.
2005 "Prostitutes", Hamidrasha gallery, Tel Aviv.
2005 "Wounds and Bandages", Umm Al-Fahm gallery, Umm Al Fahm.
2004 Omanut Haaretz, Reading Power Station. Tel Aviv.
2003 Omanut Haaretz, Reading Power Station, Tel Aviv.
2000 Participating in contemporary local art Biennale, France.
1999 "Arye Aroch (a long lion)" Peer-Hamidrasha gallery, Tel Aviv.

2011 Miron Sima visual arts award, The Artists' House, Jerusalem.
2008 The Ministry of Culture and Sports, Prizes in Art and Design.

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Rakefet Viner-Omer's Art