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Artist Ami Faytchevitz

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Ami Faytchevitz is represented here mainly by watercolors, a medium which is not very prevalent on the contemporary art scene, yet one which projects intimacy, privacy and reduction. The works themselves are also an engagement in dreamy contemplation of Nature and the individual identification of birds.
This is a sensitive series for connoisseurs, a series conveying comfort in escapism from the race for a “significant statement,” It is precisely because of this that the paintings win us over with their airiness, color, lightweight sensation and freedom.
Faytechevitz’s works have something in common with Persian miniatures’ depictions of the luxurious pleasure gardens and the painstaking care with details, but although they share the attention to detail, Faytechevitz’s paintings exhibit high awareness, conciseness and reduction. He has no need for background or other distractions; his entire attention is focused on the birds, their identity, character and the interaction among them.

1996-2000 Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, BFA Excellence

2009 "Scattring Former Love", Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa.
2007 "Eclectus", TheHeder Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2006 "Pilavan", Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2006 "Once in a Blue Moon", Artist’s Wall, Pe’er Frame Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004 "New Staff", Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2003 "Hidden Plan", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya.
2001 "Golem", Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2012 "Termites",  Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv. 
2011 "Urban Nature", Gravity, Tel Aviv.
2011 "Caver", Gallery 39 for Contemporary Art, Tel aviv.
2010 "Dreaming", Sommer contemporary art, Tel Aviv.
2010 "Daylight", The Nechushtan Complex, 61 Eilat Rd, Tel Aviv.
2009 "Lolita", Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2009 "Artist- Hunter: Part 1- The Hunted", Nachum Gutman Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.
2009 "Heaven Forbid", Shay arye Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2008 "The Roaring Stuffed Animal", Shtorman House, Ein Harod
2008 "Near and Apparent, Connections and Contexts", A Selection From the Benno Kalev Collection,The Tefen Open Museum, Tefen. 
2007 "Beast", Agora Gallery, Tel Aviv2007 HaPikud HaElyon, Lilinbloom 41, Tel Aviv.
2007 "Pornography my love", Artist House, Tel Aviv.
2007 "Friend of minds", Summer show, Rothchild 55, Tel Aviv.
2007 "Voyage to A Prehistoric Planet", Margoza 36, Tel Aviv.
2007 "Villa Kadetzki", Villa Kadetzki, Berlin.
2005 "Art of Israel", Reading Power Station, Tel Aviv
2005 "3 Cities against the Wall", Artist’s House, Tel Aviv, ABC No Rio, New York, Hebron.
2004 "Alphabet", Contemporary Israeli Art, Stockholm Art Fair.
2004 "Facing the Convoy", The Beno Kalev Collection, Bat Yam Museum of Art.
2003 "Fireflies", Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2003 "Thus Shalt Make", The Resurgence of Judaism In Israeli Art,Time for Art, Tel Aviv, curator: Prof. Gideon Ofrat.
2002 "Studio artist’s exhibition, A". A. Silver, Tel Aviv.
2002 "Salon", Plonit Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2002 "Imagine, 300 Artists for Coexistence", Um El Fahem Art Gallery.
2001 "Furniture", Kav 16 Galley, Tel Aviv.
2001 "Never Met Before", Berlin, supported by the Israeli Foreign Office, Germany.
2001 "Illustration…That’s the Story", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.

2012 Encourage Creativity of Ministry of Culture and Sports.
2007 Isracard and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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