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Artist Lea Golda Holterman

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Holterman’s power lies in her psychological penetration into her subject’s portrait and the moving intimacy pervading the encounter. There is usually a single figure, or to be more precise, two figures, present – the photographed and the photographer. On the photographic stage, a single moment takes place, which Holterman brings to her works again and again, in the originality of her gaze and her ability to preserve the primary experience.
In her photographs, the presence of the “forbidden,” the “taboo” abd tge marginalized is present, and yet they are so human and approachable, as if Holterman ripped the veil off of the deligitimatized reality and exposed the innermost chambers at the heart of private lives. The dramatic placement of the subject is the ars poetica aware of the history of classical painting, and yet her interpretation is absolutely intimate and personal. We can see in her works a kind of diary of an authentic life, not a “photographer’s career,” in which photography is not only the raison d’être but life itself in an absolute way.

2003 – 2008 B.F.A 
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
Graduated with Honor and Excellency.

Haaretz Magazine - Private column photography and writing
L'uomo Vouge. 

2011 Nominated Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. 
2010 Nominated Der Merck-Preis. 
2010 1st Prize,  Arle Photography Festival.
2010 1st Prize, IPA Photography. 
2009 Hasselblad Award  Best 100 Photographers.
2007 Sharet Foundation.
2007 IPA award. 
2006 Honor Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

2012 Fred Gallery, London (future)
2011 orthodox eros brussle
2011 orthodox eros, Lithuinia
2010 Orthodox Eros, Arle Photography Festival, France
2010 Chapter one, Ramat Gan Museum, Israel
2009 Orthodox Eros, Dada Post gallery, Berlin, Germany    
2009  Exile Coker college, Art Department, Hartsville, U.S.A
2008 D&A Gallery, Israel
2007 Tova Osman Gallery, Israel

2012 Grid Festival
2012 No Fashion Please! Museum for the Arts, vienna
2011 Boghossian Fundation, Brussle2011 Minitire Museum for Modern Art, Amsterdam
2010 Museum of Photography, Darmstädter, Merck Prize (Nominated)
2009 Museum of Tel Aviv, Photography group show, (curator: Nili Goren)
2009 Haifa Museum of Art, History of Violence, (curator: Hadas Maor)
2009  Hasselblad Photography Awared (10 Best Photographers for 2009)
2008 IPA, Los Angeles, USA
2007  The Open Museum of Photography, Tel-Hay, Israel 

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Lea Golda Holterman's Art