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Artist Ran Harrari

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Harrari is a self-taught intellectual, an autonomous independent-spirited artist who has made a conscious choice to live outside of the usual “art scene.” He creates his works of art as part of a long, turbulent, energetic continuum of experimentation, mostly using old photocopying machines and a unique technique Harrari invented and developed over the years.The works seem almost like frames from a film noir, developing in sequence, referring to the previous “shot”; numerous variants are created in sharp contrast and extremely bold compositional cropping. Harrari’s works contain drama, but the drama remains an unexplained mystery, generated by the complex visual means participating in the plot. A strange harmony is thus woven between concrete and abstract, between illuminated elements and others which flicker vaguely from out of the darkness.
self-educated person.

1984   De-belle gallery, Jerusalem.
1986   Hakibutz gallery, tel aviv.
1994   Ein harod museum of art.
1994   Ramat gan museum of art.
1995   Art project- central bus station of tel aviv.
1996   Tivon art gallery.
2008   Erlich gallery, Tel Aviv.

1995   Beit hagefen, Haifa.
1995   Artist's house.
2000   Ein harod museum of art.

Amos shoken collection.
Israel museum of art, Jerusalem.
Ein harod museum of art.

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Ran Harrari's Art